Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Coping with a pet loss

It is hard to say good-bye to your beloved pet. You had a wonderful and unique relationship with it, maybe more intimate than with anyone else, and used to spend more time with it than with anyone else around. Its love for you was selfless and most trustworthy in the times of need. It never looked for any personal gain or better pastures. Even times when you felt lonely and failed, it gave you the same love and support, stood with you and said ‘Hey, what happened? Come on, Let’s play’. Losing such one is definitely heart breaking.

It’s not easy to forget such a huge loss, but to mitigate the pain and keep the memories alive, and to give it the honor it deserves, we can think of different ways.
Giving a memorable and loving funeral to your pet is the best thing you can do, to bid him a good farewell. Plan yourself how you would like to honor the memory of your beloved friend. It’s good to keep a memorial stone on the grave, so that he will be remembered over time. Sweet memories can sometimes be more touching than even actual presence.
You may also consider making a donation to honor your loved one’s name – which, more than anything else, can give you the satisfaction of having done the best you could, to honor your pet.

Feelings of intense sadness, guilt and anger are normal with pet loss. Even when you may feel you have recovered from the loss and have adjusted with the fact, all of a sudden you may be overcome by grief. It’s all part of it, and we have to just understand that recovering from a pet loss grief is a time-taking process, which usually takes a few months.

Seeing its collar or the food bowl lying unused and empty, being alone in the kitchen – all remind you of the missing, everyday. All its toys will bring the feeling of loss whenever you see them. It’s better to either keep a few of his toys to remember your beloved pet or bury them along with him.

Crying over the missing pet will help you a good way dealing with the burning sorrow within you. It’ll ease you of the thoughts and grief within yourself.

Compose a photo story of all the memorable occasions you had with your pet. All the details – like its birth date, death date, toys it liked, its habits and favorite foods and the things you loved most of it can be included in the story, with all the appropriate photos. This way you can remember them for long and make them live in your memories. By going through this story you can bring in the sweet memories of those good times. It’s easiest doing this on the internet- you can create a web page for your pet, where you can upload photos, share memories about it, and your friends can also share comments about them. Comments and words of sympathy from those who already have had similar loss are definitely the most valued comfort you can find when you’ve lost your pet.

Spend time with your other pets, caring them and taking them with you will help forget the loss to an extent – but only if you feel it helps.
Talk with people who can understand pet loss. Like in any other grief, proper support and empathy will make us feel much better, and strengthen us cope with the loss. Talk with your friends and family about the loss. Talking to your friends and family about the loss and being comforted by their words is a short cut to overcoming the grief. Open communication, by far, is the best cure for your pet loss grief.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Six Pack

I have six pack abs. But for security reasons, it's now hidden under thick layers of fat.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Palm Lines

I know networking technology as clearly as I know the lines on my palm. In fact I don't know how lines on my palm are.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

On flight safety

I've been watching the Nat Geo series 'Air Crash Investigations' for a few days continuously. My shallow mind is pondering on a few simple matters which I always have felt could be useful in increasing the safety in an airplane.

1. Cameras - a few action cams/closed circuit cams well protected from weather can keep watching the airplane from different angles and positions. These will give the pilots a very clear idea about what's happening to their aircraft, whenever they need it. Costly? I guess it won't increase the cost of the airplane manufacturing by more than 1%. Disadvantages? I haven't figured out any.

2. Better design of the fuel tank: Even a car has compartmentalised fuel tank. If there's a leak in the fuel tank, even in case of a substantial one, only quarter of the total fuel will be leaked out. I don't know about the latest aircrafts but if I'm right the earlier ones didn't have any genius put in to safeguarding the fuel from leaking in many scenarios. A design like in the F1 cars' fuel storage in flexible bags or adding self-resealing capability to it may not be feasible very soon but there definitely is scope for improvement.

3. Spacious exits: Every time I get into an airplane I feel the entry/exit is very small, considering the fact that people won't be able to use windows and that there are no other emergency exits which can be opened by breaking a glass cover with a hammer, as we see in buses and trains. Providing these would definitely mean a serious design remake of the airplanes, and would be costly.

4. Parachutes: Fitting a parachute which can hold the entire weight of the huge commercial aircraft is neither cost effective nor easy to design and implement. But it always has been a necessity like an airbag in a car, and is a feasibility of the future. If fighter jets and space ships can be equipped with parachutes strong enough to quickly bring them to a halt from a high speed, we can't just rule out the possibility of fitting them in commercial airplanes.

5. If I were in a good position in an aircraft design firm, I'd think of possibilities of making the whole engine detachable in case of an emergency. Since many of the fires are caused by or originated in and around the engine, a quick detachment of the whole engine would prove useful in some cases. If the plane over the Atlantic or the Pacific or a desert, there's nothing to be feared about dropping an engine from the airplane, and wherever it is, it's lighter than a falling airplane.

6. It may sound a bit crazy, but it'd be nice if even the commercial airliners were able to land vertically. That would improve the aircraft's safety by many folds. At least in smaller aircrafts this can mean a revolution. If the corporate jet or small plane can land in company premises, this could mean a new era in general aviation. Thrust vectoring or tilt jets/rotors or whatever it takes is justified by scale of the advantages it brings to aviation.

Sunday, January 26, 2014


Kerala is God's own country. Man should not do anything in His Majesty's own country. That is why none is daring to do any development in Kerala. Sacrilege!

Apple didn't win the battle by Accident!

I bought a Nokia Lumia 710, back in 2012 May, with Windows Phone 7.5 OS. A few weeks later, I came to know that the Lumia 710s won't be getting any further Windows OS updates. Which means no further bug fixes in OS, many new apps won't work in my phone etc.

Even this week I installed an iOS 7.0.4 (which is the latest iOS, btw) update in my 3-year old iPhone4. I still continue to get updates.

Apple didn't win the battle by Accident.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

If there is a 2050 ...

Children would be studying in history classes about today. They would try imagining these:
  • There were vehicles which didn't have GPS tracking and 'autodriver'
  • Devices were connected using wires
  • People went to office for working
  • There were Jet airplanes which couldn't land or take-off vertically

Monday, October 21, 2013

I wish if I could take a few holidays. But the policy says "No leaves. Only resignations." 

Life is a tough job.